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Modern, high-quality and long-lasting - aluminum windows and doors
The manufacturer provides a wide range of windows and doors for aluminum systems. The unique solutions of the SoEasy concept are an innovation in the territory of the European Union. The doors and windows of the SoEasy aluminum system stand out with excellent production technology, minimal number of elements in the constructions, which makes them easy and fast to install, high water and air tightness indicators and excellent energy efficiency.
Westa EI60 system can be installed with double fireproof glass, which allows you to achieve excellent heat resistance parameters for the entire building.
This series of profiles also allows the installation of very wide glass panels, keeping the premises warm.
Simplified design speeds up installation time while maintaining quality.
DECALU 88 doors (MAAT)
DECALU 88 doors - these doors incorporate SoEasy technology. Equipped with patented thermal compensation strips (anti bimetal) as standard. Thanks to a special insulation layer, the door does not deform under the influence of cold or heat. Unique door mounts provide a great look.
DECALU 163 sliding doors - this system has been developed taking into account the latest technologies in modern architecture. The frame and sash are very narrow, the total visible part is only 73 millimeters wide. Sliding systems with a narrow and attractive profile and large glass.
DECALU 88 folding doors - the system protects from bad weather when closed, but allows you to enjoy fresh air in sunny weather, as it takes up minimal space when folded. Thanks to the unique profile system, doors can be made up to 3 meters high.
A series of aluminum profiles that allow construction on the inside
and an outward opening door with a so-called panel
filling. This series, along with other So Easy system
products are famous for their ease of manufacture and
high functionality. The series is TRITON HI and OLYMPIA
the logic of the best solutions used in door systems
continued. Door panel profiles are made only from
anti-metal stripes that reduce door deformation
exposure to sunlight. An important element is the external
sealing based on profile rather than conventional
trough. The solution provides door constructions
high stability in frequently used buildings.
The DECALU 94 retro system perfectly resembles old-fashioned wooden windows, but with the technical parameters of modern windows, which are typical of all SoEasy windows.
Outward opening window system, whose specially designed profiles and their components allow the production of windows weighing up to 180 kg, while ensuring easy and convenient use.
Hinged system windows have gained great popularity in the Scandinavian market. These windows are manufactured with specially designed hinges that allow the window to be rotated up to 180 degrees, which makes it very easy to clean.
This window system was created with the aim of simplifying the structure, which allows for quick and easy installation, while maintaining excellent energy efficiency.
DECALU 110 series aluminum windows are the most energy efficient in their class, retain the core values ​​of SoEasy and possibly with additional "steel" visual elements that distinguish them from others.
Retaining the core values ​​of Decalu 88 standart, this series comes with an additional hidden sash function.
The DECALU 88 new steel system, which mimics steel frames, is another product from SoEasy door and window solutions.
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